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Fights between siblings…

So my younger brother got into some trouble the other day not listening to our mom. The punishment he received was that he was no longer getting rides home from school. He’s a high school senior about 6’1” tall and weighs between 200-250lbs. The walk from school to home is approximately 5mi or less, he has very little to fear. I, myself, did this walk on high school almost everyday on high school and I am only 5’6 and at the time I weighed about 200lbs (I’m now down to a much healthier 175lbs). My brother was upset at having to walk this distance and sent me a text threatening to punch me in the face if I actually made him walk home. I read this text to my partner (he lives with me on my parent’s property and is roughly the same size and weight as my brother) and he bravely tried to defend me by saying if he (my brother) wanted to lay a hand on me, he’d have to go through him first. I told him I didn’t think that this was quite fair as this is my fight but he pointed out that we are unit so he we have the right to defend each other in times of need. I agreed, but I’ve also been fighting with my brother since we were both very small, so I gave my brother an ultimatum; fight with him and it will be an even and fair fight (for the most part, but my partner was raised with older brothers and my younger brother has never had much experience fighting, only suffering the tyranny of older sisters and mom) or he could fight me and end up in the hospital. My little brother in the end decided to come home and do the laundry, he then proceeded to help me with my late night shopping.






period pains makes me want to jump off a cliff

periods arent that bad you’re overexaggerating

i will bleed on everything you love



Wut rly? There’s a crime scene in my pants and I’m about to rip apart everyone that I love because they are doing what they normally do but today, this bleeding day THEY ARE DOING IT WRONG!!! Periods are the reason women murder people. And get away with it.







I’m never throwing a cigarette butt on the ground again. Holy shit.

omfg nooo :(

this makes me feel 100 times worse as a smoker… never littering again, sorry little guy :/

OK, so I was curious whether or not this was a, say, wild rabbit, real rabbit, or even a lab testing rabbit. I reverse-image-searched, and found a really AWESOME campaign.


They say,
"Cigarette Butts feed the unsuspecting."

"Cigarette Butts don’t go away"

"Cigarette Filters are commonly mistaken for food by many animals. These filters have been determined to toxic waste to humans through ingestion of meat products., ultimately exposing the consumer to deadly chemicals like ammonia and cadmium."

"What goes around, comes around. Don’t litter your cigarette butts"

Clearly the campaign is working, there are multiple reblogs like, “oh poor bunny, I’ll never litter again” and that is AWESOME!! 

I just wish the campaign words stayed with it. 

I feel like such a piece of shit after reading this

Is it bad that at first I thought these were dead animal ashtrays :(


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People really don’t believe Ancient Egyptians were ethnically African?

They referred to themselves, not as ”Egyptians” (a Greek term) , but as ”Kemmui’’, meaning, ”the blacks”.

The country itself they called, Kemet, or black nation.

'Kem' is the term for black in the ancient Egyptian language. It is represented in hieroglyphs by a stick charred at both ends.”

"km.t, the name of Ancient Egypt in Egyptian; Egypt (Coptic: Kemi)

r n km.t, the native term for the Egyptian language

(Ref: The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Vols 1&2, E.A. Budge, Dover.) 

Note: words inside brackets are the determinatives or word classifiers along with their English meanings.

Kem, kame, kmi, kmem, kmom = to be black 

Kememu = Black people (Ancient Egyptians) in both Ancient and modern Egyptian (Kmemou).

Kem [khet][wood] = extremely black, jet-black

Kemet = any black thing. Note: “t” is silent - pronounced Kemé

Kemet [nu][community, settlement, nation] = Black nation = Ancient Egypt.  

Kemet [Romé][people] = Black people. Ancient Egyptians. 

Kemit [Shoit][books] = Black books, Ancient Egyptian literature.  

Kem wer [miri][large body of water] = The Great Black sea (The Red sea). This sea is neither black nor red, this is in reference to which nation, Black or Red, at a particular time, controlled this body of water. 

Kemi fer = Black double house; seat of government. Note: by reference to Wolof again, we know that to make a plural of per or house, the “p” becomes an “f” or fer. Thus fero=great houses (double), it is not pero as Budge writes.

In Ancient Egyptian, the ordinary adjective always follows the noun it modifies, whereas a sanctified adjective usually comes before its noun.  The sanctified adjectives are:

Kem —  Black

Suten -  Royal

Nter —-  Holy, Sacred


Kem ti = Black image, sacred image : ti oubash = white image  

Kem ho = Black face/title of a god   : ho oubash = white face  

Kem ta = Black land, holy land        : Ta deshret = Red land (also; Ta Sett) 

This rule does not apply when Black is used as a noun-adjective of nationality:  

Hompt Kemet = copper of Black; Egyptian copper :  Hompt Sett = copper of the Red nations; Asiatic copper  

Ro in Kemet (page 416a) = speech of Black; mute ro n Kemet = word of the mouth of Black; the Egyptian language

Kemet Deshret = Black and Red; good and evil; fertile and barren, etc.; Duality  

Deshretu (page 554a,b) = red ones, red devils.  Used also to refer to the Namu and Tamhu; not a complimentary label. 

African Origins: 

The following Ancient Egyptian words acknowledge the origins of Pharaonic Egyptian civilization; 

Khentu Hon Nefer (page 554a) = founders of the Excellent Order. Budge: “peoples and tribes of Nubia and the Egyptian Sudan.” For “Hon” see page 586b. 

Hon Nefer (page 1024b) = Excellent Order

Kenus (page1024b) = mighty; brave (from Kenu, page 772a)

Ta Khent (page 1051b/page 554b) = land of the beginning.  

Eau (page 952b/page 17b) = the old country  

Ancient Egyptian’s Worldview:  

The Egyptian’s view of the world was the exact opposite of the current Western one. To the Egyptian, the top of the world was in the south (upper) towards the African interior, the bottom (lower) towards the north, hence upper and lower Egypt; upper and lower Syria.”

"Oh yes, the black soil business.

Most scholars outside the modern western cover-up establishment have rejected the false interpretation some have given to Kemet, ostensibly alluding the term Kemet to the alleged ”black soil”  of Egypt. There’s nothing in the term, outside the imagination of western myth-makers,  to suggest the Egyptians referred to the color of the soil or sand, rather than the people, in naming their country. Our position is consistent with the testimony of the ancient Greek writers, eyewitnesses who unanimously described the Egyptians as a black people, closely related to the ”Ethiopians”.”

And white Hollywood casts white actors and gives them tans.

*internal sobbing*

i will never not reblog this. i know too many people who for real dont think Egypt is a part of Africa.

Be educated. :)



MichiruMichiie’s first giveaway!!!

I had hit my target of 400 followers and as promised, I will start my giveaway.

This is my first giveaway. They are something cheap but yea, it’s the thought that count.

Rules & Regulations, Terms & Conditions, how to be eligible, how do you join? Etc etc.

1) You don’t have to follow me or be my follower. But it is always welcomed.

2) Likes and reblogs both count. One each per blog.
(Followers get extra count ^_^)

3) You must be willing to provide me your address and I do ship internationally.

4) No giveaway blogs.

Winners’ Prize:

1) First Place Winner will receive 3 items of their choice (1 from category A, B, C)

2) Second Place Winner will receive 3 items of their choice (1 from each category A, B, C, of the remaining prizes)

3) Third Place Winner will receive 2 items of their choice (1 from each category A and C, of the remaining prizes)

4) There will be three additional winners who will randomly get one of the remaining prizes.

Prize Detail(Please refer to the photo):

Category A
i) Kuroko no Basuke
ii) Set FREE! Iwatobi Swimming Club
iii) Set Shingeki no Kyojin

Category B
Laptop Skin/Sticker:
i) Roronoa Zoro Laptop Skin 16 inch
ii) FREE! Iwatobi Swimming Club Laptop Sticker

Category C
Tokires/Tokimeki Restaurant:
i) Kirishima Tsukasa Phone Strap
ii) Fuwa Kento Phone Strap

Deadline: 26 April 2014, Saturday, 00.00am, UTC +8.00.
(The deadline is to commemorate the day I hit 1/4 of the century, the day I turn 25.)

I will contact the winners at 8pm on the 27th April, Sunday.
Please be sure to keep your submit and ask boxes open.
I will wait 1 day for the winner to reply otherwise I will pick a new winner.

Thank you.

More reblogs more count, higher chances. Good luck, all the best and take care!

I wants to win! :D





Oh my god if you’re going to judge someone’s cosplay you better learn your fucking shit because this is Duela Dent you goddamn assholes.


Perpetually laughing over the fact that “real gamer/comic book nerd” males keep insulting women for cosplaying things they’ve never even heard of 

who’s the “fake geek” now, fuckers? 

Make it viral


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